Today Pakistan is asking for its youth and middle class to come out and help their country against the present corrupt system. Youth and students can tranform this country into a liberal, democratic and modern country.

War on Terror

·               There is an urgent need to review the policy on war on terror.
·               Thousands of innocent citizens of Pakistan have been killed by the terrorists yet no terrorist or their leaders has been capture and punished by our judicial system. Therefore limited martial law will be enforced in the KP under which military courts will be established for speedy trials. Punishments will be given and announced in media to create deterrence.
·               Witnesses and informers will be given full constitutional cover along with heavy incentive.
·               In no way export of terrorism will be allowed to any country.
·               Madrassa syllabus will be revised to include technical subjects as well.
·               Any person affiliated with any madrassa system if found involved in spreading extremism or sectarianism will be punished. His religious leader will also be punished.
·               Thorough de-weaponisation campaign will be launched. No one will be allowed to keep any weapon of any sort. Private arms and ammunition will be kept in central kotes held in police stations.
·               All tribal areas will be brought in to regular Pakistan territory.
·               Pak-Afghan border will be fenced, mined and manned.

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