Today Pakistan is asking for its youth and middle class to come out and help their country against the present corrupt system. Youth and students can tranform this country into a liberal, democratic and modern country.

Friday, 22 April 2011


This site is a collective effort of the young students of Pakistan. This reflects their dreams and their ideas about their beloved country. We believe that our blog is the voice of the poor and suppressed people of Pakistan. We are not part of any political, religious or any other such organization. We have written our ideas in the hope that somebody at the top might turn them into reality.
We love our country and we know the middle class, youth and students can change the fate of this country. Pakistan was created in the name of God and it will exist with honor and dignity till the end of the world. A strong revolution in our country is the need of the day to bring the true representatives of the people into power who will act as per the interests of the country. We want liberated, independent and strong Pakistan. We want it and we will get it.
·                     Our Dream Pakistan
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We need the support of each and every Pakistani citizen and those who love Pakistan.
Pakistan Zindabad!!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Resolution to Revolution

·          Our country came into being by the power of the people. Pakistan resolution was passed on 23rd March 1940. Now it is the time for the revolution of Pakistan. Pakistan was created in 1947, now is the time for its completion.
·          We will rise above the levels of caste, creed, tribe and language. We are just Pakistani, and we are proud of it.
·          We need to show the world that we are the best. We are not hard liners, extremists or terrorist. We will show the true image of Pakistan; a beautiful, soft and friendly face.
·          Our Pakistan will be what its creator wanted it to be. No discrimination will be there on the basis of religion or sex. Everybody will be allowed to follow his religion without hurting anybody’s feelings.
·          In our welfare state women will have full freedom of progressive in the society. They will have all and every opportunity to rise in any field they like.
·          We wish all the best to our neighbors, our friend and all nations around the world. Together we stand, divided we fall. We will be forthcoming to help all nations which need our help.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Amazing Facts about Pakistan

·          Energy is the most important and sought after commodity in the world. Billions of dollars are spent annually on the research and development of energy globally every year. Major wars of the modern history of mankind were fought for energy control.
·          All types of energy are available in Pakistan; 16 hour full sun shines in 95% of the country all the year round, water flows from top north to bottom south, 800km windy shiny coastal belt, huge untapped and under discovered fossil fuel and pride of the nation nuclear self sufficiency are few to name.
·          We have pitch dark nights and shiny days. We have four full seasons round the year. Hot summers, colorful green spring, cool chilly winters and clear autumn. At any one point in time, we have a variety of weather as we move from South to the North of the country. Aren’t we the lucky as a nation?
·          Potential energy is possessed due to the height or position of an object. An excellent gradient of our geographical structure where in we have the 2nd highest mountain in the world to mean sea level. We have rivers which flow from the Northern mountainous region of the country all the way down to the Arabian Sea in the South. They irrigate most part of our country using one of the most extensive water irritation systems of the world. This supports the agriculture of the country all through its length. Aren’t we blessed?
·          We have all year snow covered mountains, lush green fertile plains, vast hot deserts, beautiful scenic coastline. Very less countries in the world has such a diversity of land. We have the most attractive tourists’ places, hospitable English speaking people, and most delicious range of cuisine in the world.
·          Our labor men are hard working that never compromise on quality, they are skilled as well as committed. These men and women have made Pakistan one of the finest producers of sports good, leather products, electrical appliances, surgical tools and many more.
·          Our farmers are resolute who have earned us self sufficiency in food demands. We use only 25% of our cultivable land but still we are one of the biggest producers of sugar cane, wheat, potato, cotton and milk. Our 50% of the population works in the farms. We are self sufficient in our food unlike many other countries.
·          We have vast orchards of Mango, Orange, Apple, Apricot and Date. We rank in top 10 of the producer of these fruits and many more.
·          We have huge reserves of coal, gold, copper, chromium and salt. We can be self sufficient in oil and gas as well but it only needs attention and investment.
·          Our geographical location is another great gift from Almighty. On our west is the energy rich Middle East yearning to sell its gas and oil. While energy hungry 2 billion plus India, China are on our East and North. Their energy corridors through us will be cost effective for them as well as most beneficial for us. We must make use of it through friendly ties with them.
·          In short we have everything. All we need is the commitment, direction and hope. Pakistan is the best country of the world. Let’s take it to the top of the world. I am sure, we can do it.