Today Pakistan is asking for its youth and middle class to come out and help their country against the present corrupt system. Youth and students can tranform this country into a liberal, democratic and modern country.

Friday, 22 April 2011


This site is a collective effort of the young students of Pakistan. This reflects their dreams and their ideas about their beloved country. We believe that our blog is the voice of the poor and suppressed people of Pakistan. We are not part of any political, religious or any other such organization. We have written our ideas in the hope that somebody at the top might turn them into reality.
We love our country and we know the middle class, youth and students can change the fate of this country. Pakistan was created in the name of God and it will exist with honor and dignity till the end of the world. A strong revolution in our country is the need of the day to bring the true representatives of the people into power who will act as per the interests of the country. We want liberated, independent and strong Pakistan. We want it and we will get it.
·                     Our Dream Pakistan
·                     Dream Government
·                     Top Priority Actions of Our Government
·                     Manifesto of the Government
·                     How Governance should be provided?
·                     Land Reforms
·                     Economic Policy
·                     War on Terror
We need the support of each and every Pakistani citizen and those who love Pakistan.
Pakistan Zindabad!!


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