Today Pakistan is asking for its youth and middle class to come out and help their country against the present corrupt system. Youth and students can tranform this country into a liberal, democratic and modern country.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Resolution to Revolution

·          Our country came into being by the power of the people. Pakistan resolution was passed on 23rd March 1940. Now it is the time for the revolution of Pakistan. Pakistan was created in 1947, now is the time for its completion.
·          We will rise above the levels of caste, creed, tribe and language. We are just Pakistani, and we are proud of it.
·          We need to show the world that we are the best. We are not hard liners, extremists or terrorist. We will show the true image of Pakistan; a beautiful, soft and friendly face.
·          Our Pakistan will be what its creator wanted it to be. No discrimination will be there on the basis of religion or sex. Everybody will be allowed to follow his religion without hurting anybody’s feelings.
·          In our welfare state women will have full freedom of progressive in the society. They will have all and every opportunity to rise in any field they like.
·          We wish all the best to our neighbors, our friend and all nations around the world. Together we stand, divided we fall. We will be forthcoming to help all nations which need our help.


  1. I love it. Peaceful co-existence is the essence of Islam.

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